Mentalism Magician

Many people believe that every magician practices magic. While Matthew can indeed entertain with a slight of hand, he is also a mentalist magician. A mentalist certainly has tricks up his sleeve, but often focuses on deceiving the mind itself rather than using simple illusions to catch your attention. Truly the epitome of live entertainment, everyone should see a mentalist magician practice his tricks of the trade at least once!

Because Matthew is a certified Magic Castle Magician, you can be sure that when you book his magician services for your next event he will surprise and amaze one and all, causing you to question the boundaries of this dimension and the next.

The next time you are looking for an entertainer for a large event, call Magic by Matthew. With years of experience producing and performing magic shows, Magic by Matthew is ready to set your imagination free. For more information or to book Magic by Matthew for your next event, please call Magic by Matthew in Westlake Village, CA at (310) 299-2991 today!